NEW! We now offer Crystal Pet Pendants AND Medicinal Herb Biscuits!

Welcome to
Healing Fur Souls

Reiki & Natural Holistic Health Care
for Animals


What we offer

Affordable Natural Health Care for Your Pet

Professional, affordable holistic care for pets experiencing:

  • Stress
  • Chronic illness or pain
  • Cancer treatment 
  • Poor immunity
  • Trauma/abuse/loss & grief
  • Anxiety & depression
  • Palliative care/ end of life transitioning


We use a wide range of holistic assessment & treatment strategies to personalize your pet's health care.

  • Reiki*
  • Herbs, Nutrition & Supplements
  • Personalized Essential Oil Blends
  • Customized Crystal Pet Pendants
  • Sound/Frequency Healing
  • Colour & Light Therapy 
  • Support to pet parents experiencing loss, grief or adjustment issues
  • *Reiki & Holistic Counselling Services  for people can be booked through