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Natural Health Care for Your Dog

Reiki, Herbs & Nutrition

We support your pet's natural ability to heal through herbs, nutrition & energy medicine (Reiki).

What Can Natural Health Care Help With?

  • Stress/anxiety
  • Changes in the home (adoption, rescue, divorce, moving)
  • Chronic illness or pain
  • Cancer treatment 
  • Poor immunity
  • Poor digestion
  • Allergies
  • Trauma/abuse/loss & grief
  • Over-vaccination 
  • Palliative care/ end of life transitioning

Partners in your Pet's Health Care Team

We partner with you, your pet & your veterinary team to address early & chronic health issues & minimize harm associated with conventional treatment. We are not a substitute for veterinarian care. Always see your vet first for emergencies and acute issues.

Holistic Plan

We develop a nature-baed Holistic Plan that may include herbs, supplements, nutrition, Reiki *treatments,  essential oils, sound therapy & crystals.


*We see all animals (domestic & farm) for Reiki, but specialize in dogs for all other modalities. 

Services & Products

We use a wide range of holistic assessment & treatment strategies to personalize your pet's health care.

  • Reiki*
  • Herbs, Nutrition , CBD & Supplements
  • Essential Oil Blends
  • Healing Crystal Pet Charms
  • Sound/Frequency Healing
  • Support to pet parents experiencing loss, grief or adjustment issues

Pet Jewelry 

Surround your pet with the healing energies of crystals - we create uniquely beautiful Crystal Pet Charms that attach to your pet's collar. We can customize the crystals to address your pet's specific needs. 

Medicinal Herbal Dog Biscuits

Our Canine Herbalist makes paw-sitively scrumptious biscuits with the right herbs for your dog's condition(s).  

Try our favourite, La La Lavender Dreams!

*Reiki, Psychotherapy & Holistic Nursing Services  for people can be booked through HolisticNursingServices.ca