Citrine crystal to help Boost your Dog's Confidence with Crystals

How to Boost your Dog’s Confidence with Crystals

Crystals can help dogs build their confidence by balancing the energy centres or chakras where confidence is held. Rescue dogs with a trauma history can struggle with confidence issues like withdrawal or fear aggression. Show dogs and services dogs also benefit from the confidence boost of crystals like citrine.

When it comes to our dogs, we don’t always think about how their confidence can affect the way they interact with the world. Behaviors like fear aggression, cowering, territorialism and lack of focus can all be signs of under- or over-confidence. Rescue dogs with a history of trauma frequently come to us with confidence issues.

Show dogs and service dogs also need to be confident to perform their duties. In addition to whole foods nutrition, Reiki and a consistent behavioral approach, the right crystal can give these dogs an added edge to thrive and succeed.

Where Does a Dog’s Confidence Come From?

Confidence comes from enriching life experiences​, positive reinforcement and a strong bond with people and other animals.

Confident dogs can handle unpredictable situations with a sense of calmness. They are able to appraise the level of danger and deal with it in a healthy manner. For example,  an encounter with an aggressive animal can cause one dog to freeze in fear, another to react with aggression, and yet another to run away and hide. How you respond to that situation also reinforces how confident your dog learns to be.

Many dogs live in a state of chronic anxiety and fear, particularly those with a trauma history.

Because emotions are energetically charged, fear and anxiety can find space in an animal’s energetic centres (chakras), where it continues to affect her emotions, behaviors and even physical condition.

The chakra responsible for confidence is the solar plexus chakra, located in the middle of a dog’s chest, between heart and belly. When we see dogs with “behavioral issues”, our Reiki Masters often detect imbalances in the solar plexus chakra, and build a holistic treatment plan that includes Reiki, crystals, diet and strategies to build trust and consistency.

Because emotions are energetically charged, fear and anxiety can find a space in an animals’ energy centres (chakras), where it continues to affect emotions, behaviors and even physical condition.

How Can Crystals Help?

Crystals are used in technology and medicine to receive, process and transmit energy. When it comes to healing, crystals emit frequencies attuned to energy points (chakras) in the body that are connected to certain organs, nerves and emotions.

Crystals help with minor energetic imbalances to shift physical and emotional patterns into a more healthy state. Similar to tuning a radio station to get clear reception, crystals can “fine tune” and amplify the body’s own energies. Anyone who has stepped into a cave or mine with natural crystals will immediately feel different!

Confidence is part of an energy spectrum where imbalances can show up as arrogance, fear, willfulness or insecurity. In some cases, chronic energetic imbalances will manifest at the physical level as diseases of the sympathetic nervous system, stomach or adrenal glands.

The energies of a crystal like citrine are attuned to the solar plexus and can help to bring imbalances into homeostasis, and that looks like confidence!

Which Crystals Help a Dog’s Confidence?

Citrine and sunstone are two of the most powerful crystals for confidence, as they resonate with the body’s energy centre where confidence resides (solar plexus chakra).
It’s no wonder that this energy centre radiates the color yellow and is empowered by sunlight!

How to Use Citrine to Boost your Dog’s Confidence

Citrine crystal to help Boost your Dog's Confidence with Crystals

To get the most out of citrine or sunstone, dogs should wear them as a pendant so that the crystal’s energies are near the solar plexus energy centre (chakra). Pets who wear a citrine crystal pendant on their collars or attached to their leads have shone in competitions where confidence and focus are required to win ribbons!

It’s also effective to place a large raw citrine crystal or geode in a sunny location in the home, where the sun helps to energize the natural sunny energies of citrine.

Large citrine crystals like this one are perfect on a tabletop, where dogs can approach them safely to receive a boost of confidence!

Make sure all crystals are out of the reach of pets (or children) that may lick, chew or swallow stones. Ensure crystal pendants are the appropriate size for your dog and securely fastened to avoid catching on food bowls or fabrics.

How to Use Sunstone to Boost Your Dog’s Confidence

Use sunstone the same way you would use citrine -as a pendant or tabletop stone.

If you can’t find a custom made pet pendant, dogs can wear a sunstone pendant attached to their collars, like this one.  We suggest using a lobster claw clip to secure pendants to a collar. Hint: Make sure the pendant, collar ring and lobster claw clip are the right size. 

Always cleanse crystals before using and at least monthly.

Never force a crystal on an animal who isn’t interested. If they paw at it, remove the crystal.  Keep large crystals out of direct reach of pets (and children) to prevent licking, chewing or swallowing.


What should someone look for when choosing crystals?

Although some people may feel overwhelmed when choosing a crystal, simply trust your instinct. If you can, go to a local shop to choose your crystal. Take a deep breath, run your hands over a selection of crystals, take note of which one draws your interest. Pick it up and even ask it if it’s the one for your pet! Better yet, put a stone in each hand and allow your dog to sniff and choose (hold securely so she doesn’t eat them, of course).

Polished crystals are shiny and look stunning, but raw unrefined crystals are arguably more powerful.

Remember, your spirit is wise and may “choose” a crystal you don’t expect! You may go into a store looking for a citrine for confidence, and come out with a garnet to strengthen your dog’s sense of safety first.

Alternatively, ordering online is absolutely fine – just cleanse the crystal right away, and set your intentions before using.

Are there any things to avoid when choosing crystals?

Avoid synthetic crystals that are made from plastic or glass. Don’t be rushed into choosing a crystal, and consider getting a Reiki or energetic consultation from a spiritual practitioner who can recommend the perfect crystal for you or your pet.

How can we choose ethically sourced crystals?

Ask the seller about their source. Ask how the crystals are mined, whether workers are paid a fair living wage and what the impact on the earth is. Some mines cause damage to wildlife and the environment through polluting nearby water sources. 

Where can I get ethically sourced crystals?

Get to know your local crystal retailers including spirituality, book and candle stores. Ask about ethical sourcing, or check out and – two ethically sourced online stores where the earth, and its people and animals are respected.

Do I need to cleanse crystals?

Always cleanse crystals before you use them. Remember, your crystal has come on a long journey, touching many hands and emotions before you. Your animals are exquisitely sensitive to all energies – both positive and negative. Always cleanse first, and regularly. 

How do I cleanse crystals?

Place crystal in a bowl of natural salt for 24 hours, covering the entire crystal. After 24 hours, dump the salt into the earth or down the drain. Then, power up the vibes by placing your crystal on a window sill with access to sunlight and moonlight for another 24 hours. After cleansing and powering up, we suggest setting your intention into the crystal by “programming” it using these short, easy steps

Be kind to all living beings. Respect the earth we share. 

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