Best Crystals for your Pet's Zodiac Sign

The Best Crystals for your Pet’s Zodiac Sign

Crystals have unique energetic properties that can help balance, protect and heal animals at a vibrational level. Certain crystals are attuned to the energies of each zodiac (astrological) sign and the personality traits of pets born under them. Support your dog’s natural energies with the perfect healing crystal.

Crystals are one of the fastest growing forms of energy medicine for people and animals, along with Reiki, herbs, sound and color therapies and essential oils. Crystals have been used for millennia to assist healing and balancing energies at a vibrational level.

Animals are exquisitely sensitive to the subtle frequencies of crystals and often seek them out. Crystals can be used with animals for specific physical, emotional or behavioral issues, during recovery from trauma or simply to enhance their overall health and personality!

Crystals Resonate with Each Sign of the Zodiac

Certain crystals are attuned to the energies of each sentient being at the moment of his birth, and can help to balance the animals’ natural traits, strengths and needs. If you’re just beginning your journey with crystals, one of the easiest ways to choose a crystal for your pet is to match it to his birthday!

With only your dog’s birthdate, we will guide you in choosing the best crystal for your dog. You can also select a crystal as an incredibly thoughtful and healing gift for your favorite pet parents. Consider giving a crystal:

  • to celebrate a dog’s birthday
  • to welcome home a brand new puppy
  • to honor a rescue dog that has found his furever home
  • to support pet parents caring for an ill pet or one nearing transition
  • as a unique, inexpensive Christmas gift

    Hint: Even if you don’t know the pet’s exact birthdate, read through the descriptions and choose a crystal that best matches the dog’s personality traits!

Best Crystals for Pets According to their Astrological Sign

Here’s the fun part! Simply match your dog’s birthdate to his astrological (or zodiac) sign, and choose one or more of the suggested crystals!

Crystals for Pets

Crystals can be hand crafted into beautiful pet pendants that attach to the animal’s collar, or purchased as larger stones to place on furniture in the animal’s home or space.

Hint: If you can’t find a artisan to craft a crystal pet pendant, look for necklaces where the pendant can be removed and clipped onto a dog collar using a lobster claw clip. We’ve included a link to the lobster claw clip, as many of these pendants require one in order to attach to a dog collar. Please ensure the clip fits to the pendant you choose.

The Best Crystals for your Pet's Zodiac SignThe Best Crystals for your Pet's Zodiac Sign

Never let a pet lick, chew or swallow crystals. Keep them secure on a pendant or out of the way in the home.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Aries dogs are independent, impulsive adventurers, great hunters and prone to accidents. A protection stone such as black tourmaline or onyx acts as a psychic shield, wards off fear and negative forces and helps ground overly curious dogs to the earth.

The Best Crystals for your Pet's Zodiac SignThe Best Crystals for your Pet's Zodiac Sign
The Best Crystals for your Pet's Zodiac SignThe Best Crystals for your Pet's Zodiac Sign

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Earthy Taurus pets have a hard time dealing with change. These dogs would love the courageous safe energy of carnelian, Tiger’s Eye or amber (we absolutely adore this amber paw print pendant!)

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Gemini dogs are an air sign with an earthy spirit. They make friends everywhere they go, but can be prone to loneliness and separation anxiety. Choose stones like rhodonite, or rose quartz to embrace your dog with loving energy, or heavenly angelite to help align oppositional personality traits unique to the “twins”  zodiac sign.

Cancer (June 21-July 20)

Cancer pets are sensitive, loving beings but prone to moodiness, especially when exposed to stress or conflict.

Cancer pets rock the zodiac with moonstone & pearl to help them feel compassion and connect safely with the world around them.

Hint: If your household holds stress or conflict, consider purchasing a large black tourmaline stone for the home to help neutralize negative emotions and tension.

Leo (July 21-August 20)

Spicy Leos needs stones that carry the energy of the sun with them and show off their intense loyalty. They also have a real need for attention and approval and to be reminded that everything will be OK. Embrace your Leo pet with the warm, sunny energy he needs with garnet or sunstone. Sunstone is also known to help with joint pain.

Hint: Garnet pendants can be expensive. We suggest making your own pet pendant by purchasing raw garnet crystals and silver crystal cages. Just stretch the cage and insert the garnet crystals! Voila!

Virgo (August 21-September 20)

The Virgo pet is a hard worker who usually handles stress well. However, they can become overwhelmed with their “jobs” and forget how to play. Sardonyx, carnelian & warm sunset coloured stones can bring balance to the all-work and no-play Virgo pet.

Hint: Sardonyx pendants are hard to find, so we suggest purchasing raw stones and inserting them into a silver crystal cage like this one.

Libra (September 21-October 20)

Libra pets love luxury, but can tend toward irregular eating habits and poor concentration due to their affiliation with the element of air. They will sense the luxurious energies of sapphire & rich blue stones like lapis lazuli, which also help protect from distracting energies or restlessness. Help them to focus better and tune to their gut instincts with sunny citrine. For show dogs or those in obedience training, citrine can bring focus and abundance. Pairing a blue stone like lapis with citrine will help balance the slightly scattered Libra, who is represented  by a set of scales.

Scorpio (October 21-November 20)

Scorpio dogs love to be fussed over & groomed. Because they are one of a kind, they do well with crystals out of the ordinary – like the iridescent opal, smokey topaz or Botswana agate. The dark and mysterious smokey topaz helps draw universal chi energy from crown to root chakra, helping to ground ever-alert Scorpio dogs. Botswana resonates as a slow, steady frequency and is excellent to ground Scorpio dogs, especially those who may be territorial, or work as guard, police or rescue dogs.

Sagittarius (November 21-December 20)

Sagittarius dogs may shy away from commitment and run to the next thing that captures their attention. This may place them at risk for injury due to wandering, so they may benefit from the protection of lapis lazuli or black tourmaline. Pairing one of those crystals with garnet or ruby can help ignite the passion needed to bond with their pet parents.

Hint: Garnet pendants can be expensive. We suggest making your own pet pendant by purchasing raw garnet crystals and silver crystal cages. Just stretch the cage and insert the garnet crystals! Voila!

Capricorn (December 21-January 20)

Amethyst or rose quartz can help with the Capricorn dog’s anxious nature. If your dog is particularly nervous, consider making these homemade lavender dog biscuits containing soothing herbs to calm stressed pups. 

Aquarius (January 21-February 20)

Aquarius fur kids will proudly wear the aquamarine as their stone of choice. Known for their independent and rebellious nature, Aquarius pets have powerful intuition and a keen intellect. They tend toward being a little elitist and have a very healthy self-esteem. Pair with earthy amber to help balance this air sign.

Pisces (February 20- March 20)

Your highly sensitive Pisces dog is an old soul and has endless depth like the ocean.  He tends toward anxiety, compulsive behaviour or stress-related illnesses because he wants to help everyone and doesn’t know when to chill. The Pisces pet will resonate with peaceful amethyst or rose quartz, or the pure magic of turquoise or moonstone. The Pisces dog also benefits from healing herbs like the ones in these homemade lavender biscuits. 


What size crystal should I choose for a dog?

If you’re ordering a hand crafted crystal pet pendant, make sure stones are the appropriate size and weight so they don’t weigh too heavily on small dogs, or get lost in the fur and large chest size of giant breeds. Usually a pea-sized crystal is sufficient for small and tea cup breeds, while large and giant breeds can easily handle marble-sized crystals.

Make sure pendants won’t catch on bowls or other objects, and remove frequently to cleanse.

You can also choose a large raw crystal to place on a tabletop near a dog’s favourite spot in the home. This also serves as a beautiful decorative item to enhance the home’s healing space. Ensure stones are out of the reach of pets.

What should I look for when choosing a crystal for my pet?

Trust your instinct. Take a deep breath, run your hands over a selection of crystals, take note of which one draws your interest. Pick it up and even ask it if it’s the one for your pet! Polished crystals are shiny and look stunning, but raw unrefined crystals are arguably more powerful.

Remember, your spirit is wise and may “choose” a crystal for your pet that you don’t expect! You may go into a store looking for a citrine to boost your dog’s confidence, and come out with a garnet to strengthen her sense of safety first.

What should I avoid when choosing crystals?

Avoid synthetic crystals that are made from plastic or glass. Don’t be rushed into choosing a crystal, and consider getting a Reiki or energetic consultation from a spiritual practitioner that can recommend the perfect crystal for you.

Is it important to choose ethically sourced crystals?

Always ask the seller about their source. Ask how the crystals are mined, whether workers are paid a fair living wage and what the impact on the earth is. Some mines cause damage to wildlife and the environment through polluting nearby water sources. Avoid these at all costs -their energies (and sellers) are to be avoided. If this is not possible, it’s vital to cleanse each crystal before using or placing it near your pet.

Where can I buy crystals for my pets?

Get to know your local crystal retailers including spirituality, book and candle stores. Ask about ethical sourcing, or check out and two ethically sourced online stores where the earth, and its people and animals are respected.

Can I get crystals for my cat?

Cats are exquisitely tuned into the energies of crystals. If you get a crystal pet pendant for your cat, make sure it is very light. If your cat paws at it, remove it immediately, the the energy may be too strong. Cats tend to respond better to large crystals placed in areas of the home so that they can approach when they wish to. Never force a crystal near any animal. Respect their choice to remove it or walk away.

Do I have to cleanse crystals?

Always cleanse crystals before you place them near your pet. Remember, your crystal has come on a long journey, touching many hands and emotions. Animals are exquisitely sensitive to the frequencies of crystals so cleanse them first, and frequently.

Place crystal in a bowl of natural salt for 24 hours, covering the entire crystal. After 24 hours, dump the salt into the earth or down the drain. Then, power up the vibes by placing your crystal on a windowsill with access to sunlight and moonlight for another 24 hours.

Be kind to all living beings. Respect the earth we share.
The Best Crystals for your Pet's Zodiac Sign

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