How do Animals Experience Reiki?

How Do Animals Experience Reiki?

This is such a fascinating topic because we get to step inside the minds of the animals that receive Reiki!

One of the most magnificent things about Reiki is its ability to facilitate interactions with animals on an energetic level. A skilled practitioner not only directs energy to the animal, but also receives impressions. It is truly a mutual interaction. And, just like a conversation, once the practitioner learns the language of the animal, she can interact to both give and receive messages.

The following stories are from actual animal Reiki sessions. Enjoy the Fur Tales!

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Reiki For Dogs

The Dawg-gone Truth! by Frankie

So, I wander into this “Reiki Room” with the promise of a dried salmon treat. No sooner than licking the drool from my jowls, I notice the whole room exploding with the colours that I see best in my limited colour spectrum doggy vision. Magic! Then my nose wiggles and floats toward the source of lavender and cedar scents … am I in a forest with lavender fields up ahead? I’m intrigued! My senses go inward and I feel that the energy here is peaceful.

I notice my Reiki Therapist smiling. She sees me relaxing, and I trust that this is the pawfect place and space for me.

She tunes into my breath – our rhythm is close to the same. This is a neat way to connect! She exhales slowly, and I surrender a yawn. Yup, I’m all in right now! As I settle into the fuzzy pillow, I feel a light tingling at the top of my head. I glance up to see her hands near the top of my handsome head. Instantly I understand I can “talk”, and she will listen. She asks if she can scan my body, emotions and experiences. Well, heck yes!

In her mind’s eye, she uses images she is familiar with as a health care professional to see “waddup” with me. I show her the upper parts of my kidneys, which are making a bit more stress hormone these days. I tell her that I don’t love being alone and I get a little scared of other male dogs. I also tell her that I’m picking up on some worries my parents have and I am absorbing this. She asks me if this is why my parents say I’m anxious and bark a lot. Of course it is.

We talk about my stomach and intestines, and how the food I eat agrees or doesn’t agree with me energetically. I like chicken but my skin doesn’t. Maybe we can change it up so my itching isn’t as bad? I send a picture of “grass” to let her know I really like green vegetables – bring on the broccoli and spirulina!

I feel extra love at my heart centre and that special spot where my crystal charm dangles on my collar (get your crystal healing pet charms here!).   I am full of “happy tingles” and have said everything I want to. One more yawn and a long stretch, and I get up for a drink.

Pet Charm

Stop Horsing Around and Help Me! By Jupiter

I’m in agony. My caretaker noticed something was wrong. She called my owner who came right over to my stall. They noticed I was restless, wasn’t eating a lot and frankly, was a bit cranky. I just wanted to be left alone. My owner saw the pain in my eyes right away. They both did a “once over” and patted me down, checked my muscles bones and skin, eyes, ears and mouth and then said “I don’t know what’s bothering her – let’s see if the vet can come down today”. While waiting for the vet, my caretaker decided to call a Reiki Therapist for more insight.

“Seeing” a Reiki therapist is a little different when she’s not physically here – but we still communicate just fine and the energy is the same, despite the long distance. I felt her scanning me from top to bottom, pausing at certain spots and asking me what I knew about those spots. I told her there was a vile taste in my mouth and that my jaw and neck felt bigger, and hot. I also sent her a “cracking” noise. She sent love and comfort back and said she would tell my caretaker and owner right away so I would get help to feel better.

She surrounded my head and neck with blue-green energy and I felt a soothing coolness that helped to ease my pain. She called this area my throat chakra. To learn more about chakras, read this article.

The vet came to see me later that evening. By then, I had dropped a cracked, diseased tooth that was far back in my mouth and had started an infection. I am grateful that I have beautiful caring humans to call for help when I need it.

Who Will Play with Hudson? By Harley

Animal Reiki

I didn’t know this would be the last time. I always got into things – I ate plants, toys, my mother’s jar of coconut oil. I don’t know how so many of my family’s socks got down my throat, but they did. I used my long legs to jump on the counters and eat entire loaves of bread (oh my doggy they were so tasty!). I even grabbed a large knife off of the table and ran around with it. No matter how careful my parents were, I just loved the challenge of getting stuff I wasn’t supposed to have. My brother, Hudson sometimes kept watch so I could grab the goods off the counter and then we’d share. I was a tall doggy and had no problems.

It seemed I went to the vet a lot. I loved the attention, but not the part where she had to cut into my stomach to get the “goods” out when I couldn’t poop. It kinda hurt when I woke up. This time was different. I knew it. During surgery, when I was in that place where my spirit was lingering near my body, my Reiki friend visited me. She told me gently that it was time to say good-bye. It was easy, really. No big deal. My purpose on earth was to play, play, play and to make sure my fur brother was happy. He had cancer and I came here to keep his spirits up.

I’d miss my fur brother Hudson, and I’d miss the walks with my mom and dad, the swimming, the camping and home made treats. But I did what I came here for, and leaving was ok.

My Reiki friend asked me if I had any messages for my fur parents. Of course I did, “who would play with Hudson?”. He needed me, but I knew I would find the next best thing. I was going to find a puppy to come into his life and carry on where I left off. And I was going to send dragonflies. Yes beautiful blue dragonflies to my mom and dad. They would know I was sending my love with every beat of their wings. In fact, there’s one now -maybe I’ll chase it…

Animal Reiki

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Some details and names have been changed to protect privacy.

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