Medicinal Herbal Dog Biscuits

Not your average dog treat!

A delicious way to support health

A delicious way to support health


All Natural Medicinal Herb Dog Biscuits are homemade with love & Reiki energy 

by our Certified Canine Herbalist at the Healing Fur Souls Apawthecary

These are not your average dog treats!

We use herbs as natural medicine in our scrumptious, healthy dog biscuits. Each tasty treat contains high quality herbs that are backed by science to support dogs’ natural ability to balance & heal.

We don’t stop at medicinal herbs, we bake each biscuit with high quality Canadian, non-GMO/organic ingredients when possible – so store these in a cool, dry place (while they last!) to extend freshness. 

Contact us for pricing. 

A delicious way to support health

A delicious way to support health

A delicious way to support health


You can purchase our herbal treats anytime– but we recommend a personalized holistic health care assessment for your dog’s specific conditions, constitution & individual needs. 

Although we use herbs that are safe with dogs in appropriate doses, occasionally, dogs – like people – can have food allergies. Follow instructions & do not use with pregnant or lactating dogs.

Holistic pet health care should be part of your dog's health care team - Include your family or Holistic Vet in treatment decisions. 

Depression & Aggression

A delicious way to support health

Depression & Aggression


Depression & Aggression Vacuum

The adaptogenic herbs in this biscuit boost vitality, balance stress hormones & build resistance to illness in animals that show depression or aggression related to fear. 

These herbs are also used to reduce stress, as an appetite stimulant & for Addison’s disease, congestive heart failure & diabetes.  

Active & non-active ingredients: Siberian ginseng, St. John’s Wort

Oats, Canadian non-GMO wheat flour, free range organic eggs, blueberries, bone broth, sea salt, organic vegetable or chicken bouillon.

Anxiety & Stress

Immunity, Pain & Tummy Upset

Depression & Aggression


Our "La La Lavender Dreams" are the ultimate bedtime treat for sweet lavender puppy dreams! 

They're also great for anxious or stressed pets.

Lavender, valerian root & chamomile soothe anxiety. Pair these with an amethyst Pet Pendant for an extra peaceful boost.

Immunity, Pain & Tummy Upset

Immunity, Pain & Tummy Upset

Immunity, Pain & Tummy Upset


Try our medicinal herb biscuits to support immunity, help with pain & inflammation and soothe upset tummies. 

"Immune Warrior" serves up basil, garlic, echinacea & medicinal mushrooms . For dogs with cancer & frequent infections.

"Ka-Pow Pain Relief" contains cat's claw & basil. These herbs are known for their role in arthritis, infections, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety & as antivirals, antibacterials and antifungals.

"Tummy Soothies" are made with pumpkin, basil, slippery elm & bone broth & are known to aid digestive upset and gastrointestinal infections. 

Don't forget to ask how you can include CBD in your pet's natural health plan.

Crystal Pet Charms

Immunity, Pain & Tummy Upset

Immunity, Pain & Tummy Upset


Pair medicinal herbal dog biscuits with a Crystal Pet Charm for extra healing energy! 

Attach to your dog or cat’s collar & your pet’s friends will be envious! 

Crystals may pose a choking hazard for some dogs/cats. Monitor use & cleanse crystals often.