Natural Health Pet Care


Holistic Health Care

In your initial appointment, we will assess your pet's mind, body & spirit and gather a history of diet, diagnoses, traumas, behaviours, conditions, medications, supplements, vaccine history and responses to prior & current treatments.

Reiki is used for both assessment & treatment of subtle energy imbalances.  This is an important part of the assessment & helps to identify the animal's constitution, along with our Ayurvedic assessment. Holistic pet care identifies the energetics of the animal, the condition(s)/illness(es) and the treatments. All must be considered when developing a natural, holistic health care plan. 

We will discuss your pet's assessment, prioritize health goals & provide education about proposed natural health approaches.  Reiki, herbs, supplements &/ or nutrition changes may be recommended, along with personalized essential oils, crystals and/or healing sounds & colour. 

We strongly encourage communication with your pet's whole health care team - including your conventional or holistic veterinarian, chiropractor , acupunturist or rehab specialist.  

How do Animals Experience Reiki?

Animals are more attuned to their bodies and environmental energies and thus, can experience Reiki more intensely than people. 

Often, an animal will prefer a hands off approach, however some revel with joy in the intensity of a hands on treatment! 

Your companion animal will direct the focus and length of the treatment. 

Animals tell us what they need if we are willing and able to listen.  People have differing abilities to sense what their needs are, and filter communication  of these needs through ego, social expectations, self-judgment and psychological defence mechanisms. Animals, on the other hand, communicate their needs clearly, simply and without attached emotion or judgment. With animals, it simply is what it is. 

Whether treating illness, adjusting to loss of limb(s), trust/bonding issues, history of abuse/loss of a co-pet or other family member, a move, or supporting a peaceful passing, Reiki's powerful effect is well documented.  

We will meet for a brief consultation 

What Pet Parents Have Said...

"She asked whether there was a tooth abscess or sinus infection near the back teeth. The next day the horse dropped a decayed tooth."

"You shed light on the situation, helping us find peace in a most difficult time."

"I didn't know the damage that all those chemicals & vaccines had done to her immune system. And I learned so much about nutrition and herbs!"

"The real Nurse Doolittle!"