Tanya Lysiak Education

dog with bow tie

Chief Fur Officer 

Meet Denver Hugo, the top boss at Healing Fur Souls!

He’s got his paws in several of our major departments, including:

  • Dog Treat Recipe Tester
  • Canine Reiki Practitioner (in training)   
  • Researcher in our Department of Nutrition, Herbs, Essential Oils & Crystals  
  • Bow Tie Model   
  • Forest and Camping Guide      
  • Tesla Co-pilot 

Denver Hugo continues the legacy of the Fur Souls that have gone before him, and inspires Healing Fur Souls to heal dogs around the world and help them to achieve their life’s purpose.

Be kind to every living being. Respect the earth we share. 

paw in hand

Our Story

When our 10 week old puppy was diagnosed with an aggressive & fatal cancer, conventional surgery and medicine did its best but held no hope for his survival beyond 2 months. Unwilling to give up, we sought a Holistic Veterinarian, who utilized herbs, energy healing & diet to allow his body to heal from the brink of death. Hudson did indeed heal and lived an incredible 10 more years!

Hudson was the inspiration for Healing Fur Souls. Denver Hugo is our current mascot & welcomes our new clients with kisses!