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We’re so glad you’re here!  

You love your dog, and Healing Fur Souls is here to help you take the very best care of your Fur Baby, naturally. 

What is Holistic Health Care for Dogs?

Holistic Health Care is “mind-body-soul medicine”. Holistic care uses natural treatments to prevent illness and care for the “whole” dog including his physical, emotional and spiritual needs.  Holistic care is highly personalized and unique to each dog.

At Healing Fur Souls, we know your dog has an innate ability to restore balance and health – our job is to support that. We do this through nature-based and complementary treatments such as:

  • Personalized Nutrition
  • Medicinal Herbs
  • Reiki
  • Essential Oils
  • CBD (guidance)
  • Healing crystals, sounds and colour therapies


Healing Fur Souls offers:

  • in-clinic and virtual consultations
  • natural & complementary therapies 
  • unique pet products

With each consultation, you can expect a Holistic Treatment Plan that may include any one or more of the these therapies:

  • targeted nutrition
  • herbs
  • supplements
  • Reiki  
  • essential oils
  • guidance for using CBD
  • therapeutic use of  sound, colours  & crystals
What Can Holistic Dog Care Help With?
  • reducing anxiety in stressed dogs
  • helping rescues adapt to a new home/family
  • release experiences with trauma 
  • help address underlying reasons for chronic illnesses
  • minimize side effects from medications 
  • reduce pain
  • alternative flea & tick prevention
  • improve immunity & reduce allergies
  • improve digestion & gut health
  • improve auto-immunity
  • support end of life care 
  • support a peaceful, loving transition during euthanasia using Reiki, sound & crystals
Partners in your Dog’s Health Care Team

We value a wide range of health care providers – each has a role to support your Fur Soul’s optimal health.  We work with you, your pet, your veterinarian(s) and any other team members to address early or chronic health issues & minimize harm associated with conventional treatment. We are not a substitute for veterinarian care. Always see your vet first for emergencies, injuries and acute illnesses. 

To learn about the 9 people you may need on your dog’s Health Care Dream Team, read this!

*We see all animals (domestic, working & farm) for Reiki, but specialize in dogs for all other modalities. 



Pet Jewelry

Surround your pet with the healing energies of crystals! 

Healing Fur Souls makes a limited number of hand-crafted crystal pet charms. Just clip this beautiful bling onto your pet’s collar to get the best healing effects. We can design one based on your dog’s Reiki energetic analysis.   

Medicinal Herbal Dog Biscuits

Try our most popular herbal treats like:

  • La-La-Lavendar Dreams (use as a yummy bedtime treat or to help stressed out Fur Souls)
  • Immune Warrior (serves up basil, garlic, echinacea & medicinal mushrooms  for dogs with cancer & frequent infections)
  • Ka-Pow Pain Relief  (cat’s claw & basil are  known for their role in arthritis, infections, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety & as antivirals, antibacterials and antifungals)
  • Tummy Soothies (made with pumpkin, basil, slippery elm & bone broth,  known to aid digestive upset and gastrointestinal infections)

Do you need a paw-sitively delicious way to give your dogs the healing herbs recommended by our Canine Herbalist?

We can develop a recipe specifically for your dog and bake them too! A consultation is required. 

 *Reiki, Psychotherapy & Holistic Health Care for people can be booked through HolisticNursingServices.ca

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