Holistic Care is Mind-Body-Spirit Care

holistic dog care

More than ever, we are seeing our beloved pets suffering from a multitude of 21st century diseases – especially chronic conditions that used to only plague people. These include a surge in autoimmune diseases, arthritis, allergies, poor digestion and cancer.   

In North America, our pets are the sickest they’ve ever been, despite spending the most money on conventional health care.  

Holistic care is whole health  care of the mind, body & spirit. It supports our natural ability to heal and respects the innate wisdom of the relationship between the person, animal and natural world.   

Just as we are not confined or defined by our physical body, neither are our pets. Good or poor health has roots in numerous factors – from poor diet to toxic exposure, over vaccination, extreme stress from separation, trauma, and depression. 

 We take the time to explore your pet’s  diet, environment, exposures to toxins, medications, stressors and overall health patterns. We also assess for weaknesses in your pet’s subtle energies to help identify early signs of imbalance. 

Holistic Treatment Plan

We then develop a Holistic Treatment Plan especially for your pet, that will address her/his unique body, mind & spirit needs.

A Holistic Plan may include herbs, Reiki, nutrition, essential oils, crystals, colour & sound/frequency healing.

CBD (Cannabidiol)

We are knowledgeable & experienced with the use of CBD (cannabidiol) for pet health.  

We acknowledge the value of conventional veterinary medicine and will work with your vet’s recommendations to find a balance that’s best for you and your pet. 

What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced RAY-KEE) is a Japanese healing technique that can be classified as a form of energy medicine. Translated into English, “rei” means “universal” and “chi” is “energy”.

Holistic Care

Reiki is a first step in assessing your pet’s subtle energy imbalances, so we like to include this as part of our assessment and treatment.

Reiki is gentle, non-invasive and uses the practitioner’s hand positions near certain energy points in the body to activate the animal’s innate relaxation and healing response.

Reiki is known to improve physical & emotional health especially where stress is involved.

A small number of heath care providers specialize in Reiki for animals – you have found one!

What Conditions Can Reiki Be Helpful For?

  • recovery from illness/surgery
  • pain reduction
  • separation anxiety
  • ineffective bonding stress
  • trauma/abuse
    • perfect for rescued animals
  • stress from a move or change in family “pack” membership
  • to aid the transition to a peaceful death
    • during planned or urgent euthanasia

Will Reiki Interfere with Other Treatments my Pet is Receiving?

Holistic Care Known as a complementary therapy, Reiki is used as an adjunct or “complement” to any treatment plan. 

Reiki is safely used alongside conventional medical & veterinary treatment, chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, traditional medicine or any other healing system. Reiki can reduce stress & anxiety during:

  • chemotherapy
  • anti-inflammatory treatment
  • anti-anxiety or anti-depressant treatment
  • dental/surgical procedures
  • transition to peaceful passing


Any or all of these therapies may be included in your pet’s plan
paw in hand

We use Reiki to assess energy patterns that may contribute to weakness or poor health. We also use Reiki to balance energies, reduce stress & pain and promote the body’s natural ability to heal.

Essential Oils
Flea and Tick Essential Oil Recipes for Dogs

Therapeutic oils can be extremely helpful for a number of conditions, including separation anxiety, inflammation, pain and depression. We will recommend – and blend – a personalized “recipe” for your pet’s specific needs.

Sound Healing

Every cell, atom & sub-atomic particle resonates at a defined frequency. Each of the seven major energy centres (chakras) also have a particular frequency, sound or note associated with it. We will recommend & use therapeutic sounds to support gentle rebalancing at the cellular level.

Nutrition, Herbs & Supplements
fresh meat holistic-care

Questions about the quality of food your pet is getting? Could raw or home cooked food improve wellness?
What supplements can help with inflammation, anxiety, digestion, allergies?
Talk with our Certified Canine Herbalist about natural herbal options for your dog.

holistic Care essential oils

Many pet parents have heard about the benefits of CBD (cannabidiol) for animals. Pain, inflammation & anxiety are a few conditions that can be helped by CBD.
Get the facts about including CBD in your pet’s Holistic Health Care Plan.

Crystal Pet Charms
Holistic Care

Crystals have been used for thousands of years for their unique healing properties.
We can make a customized Pet Charms for your pet’s particular needs.
Attach to their collar or bandana!