Healing Crystals
Pet Charms

Crystals have power & purpose when used to support a variety of physical, emotional & spiritual conditions.

 Our pets are especially sensitive to the healing properties of crystals. 

Our Pet Charms are customized to support your pet’s conditions using the highest quality crystals. We infuse our crystals with healing Reiki energy.

Customized for your Pet
Pet Charms

We can recommend the most effective crystals for your pet’s health.

Contact us for a FREE brief consultation & we will customize your Pet Charm!

Several Styles
Pet Charms

Every crystal charm is unique. We design several styles to match your pet’s needs and activity levels. 

Cage charms are priced to sell & come in three sizes to suit all dogs & cats. These are best for changing up crystals, as they’re simple to take out and replace. For example,  may want tourmaline in the cage for every day, and amethyst for stressful situations. 

Wire wrapped crystal charms come in silver, copper or antique bronze. A stunning way for your pet to show off her healing crystals! Highly active dogs may want these for special occasions only.

Multi-crystal ring charms are our most popular and can address several issues with one charm. They come with or without a lobster claw to clip onto your dog’s collar. 

Peaceful Transitions
Pet Charms

We make crystal pet charms for pets that are preparing to transition & cross the Rainbow Bridge. 

The “Transitions” Pet Charm can be given as a heartfelt gift to support a beloved pet’s transition to a peaceful death.  

Ask us about a “Pet & Parent” gift set to ease grief & support peace & release for both pet and fur parent when euthanasia is expected. Matching charm and bracelet come in a gift box.

Your Pet on Crystals!
Pet Charms

Perhaps your Great Dane or Siamese won’t be in the lotus pose, but when he wears Clear Quartz – known as the Ultimate Healer – he might start meditating to “Bow Wow Ohm”!

Prices & Ordering Information
Pet Charms

Prices start at $20 (plus shipping).

To order yours, contact us directly

Cleanse your crystals regularly, and always respect your pet’s response.