Crystals for Pets

Healing Crystals for Pets: The Ultimate Guide

Crystals are used to gently heal an animal’s energetic imbalances that can lead to behaviors or disease. Crystals have unique energetic signatures that resonate with a dog’s chakras (energy centres) and their associated nerves, organs and emotions. Choose amethyst for anxiety, black tourmaline for protection and rhodonite for rescue dogs.

Can Crystals Help your Pet’s Health?

Yes. When specific crystals are used near animals, we can notice subtle, positive transformations in areas like stress, pain, focus, bonding, attention and confidence. When we know how to use crystals therapeutically, we can support the physical, emotional and spiritual health of our beautiful Fur Souls.

Crystals Have Been Used Throughout History

For millennia, crystals have been revered for their beauty and perceived beneficial effects. Although scientific evidence is in its infancy, traditional wisdom has touted the use of crystals for their ability to emit vibrations and frequencies attuned to energy points in the body. Some consider crystals as a form of Energy Medicine, influencing our mind, emotion and physical essence in ways similar to essential oils, light and sound waves, and music.

Crystals and Modern Technology

Think crystals are just for ancient civilizations and New Agers? Think again.  Quartz is one of the most commonly used crystals in manufacturing today due to its ability to convert one form of energy into another (piezoelectric capacity). A variety of crystals are used in lasers, televisions, ultrasound equipment, computers and cell phones.

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How Do Crystals Work?

When physical pressure is applied to a crystal, that mechanical energy converts into electrical (AC voltage) energy – and vice versa. The energy derived from quartz and silicon crystals is commonly directed into sonar and ultrasound technology, computer chips, digital watches, cell phones and microphones. The generated electricity can also provide a spark to ignite gas appliances. The lead in your pencils? Compressed graphite crystals!

On the flip side, when an electrical charge is applied to a crystal, it begins to vibrate at unique frequencies, depending on the type of crystal – similar to a tuning fork. The shape of the crystal will actually change a little bit. Ruby crystals were used in the 1960’s to develop the first lasers, and are still used today for their ability to focus energy with extreme precision. Liquid crystals reflect certain colour wavelengths and are used in LCD (liquid crystal display) televisions.

When we use crystals as part of a holistic healing plan, we don’t usually think about the minutia of voltage and compression, however some of us crystal nerds do pay attention to frequencies, colour wavelengths and their clinical ability to affect chakras and health.

Crystals and Healing

So now we can begin to appreciate the value of crystals for their exquisite ability to receive, process and transmit energy. The ancients used crystals extensively for health, power and beauty, and modern day manufacturers harness their energy in technology. But what about using healing crystals with animals?

Crystal Healing for Animals

All living beings have points of energy throughout their bodies that absorb, process and send out energies – these are known as chakras. Each chakra has its own unique energetic signature that corresponds to a colour, sound and frequency. Each chakra also corresponds to certain organs, nerves and emotions.

Practitioners of Energy Medicine (such as Reiki Therapists) are able to focus life energy (chi/ki) toward these energy points in the body and often use crystals as an added tool to amplify and direct healing energy to needed areas.

Animals that are untouched and uninfluenced by humans  – such as those in their natural habitat –  find innate ways to balance their energies with local organic meat, plants, naturally growing herbs, sun, water, rest and activity. Sometimes, they will even migrate toward natural sources of crystals found in mines or craters. When we adopt animals as pets, we shower them with love but also expose them to unnatural environments, stress and diets that may subtlety affect the energetic health of their chakras.

Dog Chakras

Do Dogs Have Chakras

Dogs have an exquisite system of chakras that connects beautifully with the subtle healing energy of crystals. Since many illnesses begin with subtle shifts in these energy points, crystals are often used to help balance, restore and prevent further unhealthy energy shifts.

Energy Medicine Practitioners have the knowledge and experience to match the right crystals with chakras that need balancing. Dogs are particularly attuned to the gentle healing properties of natural crystals and make Healing Crystal Pet Charms an excellent choice as part of their holistic health care plan.

What Can Crystals Help With?

Crystals act on a subtle level to help with minor energetic imbalances that occur well before clinical signs of illness and distress. Energy practitioners know that the earliest signs of dis-ease start with nearly imperceptible shifts in the chakras, often years before a person or animal notices that something is wrong. A trained Reiki Therapist can detect these early shifts.

We like to maintain perfect health from the earliest stages of life, as this is easier than attempting to reverse illness in its late stages. Offering younger dogs a crystal charm can support well-being and balance before illnesses have time to organize and surface. Hint: We don’t recommend crystal pet charms for puppies or dogs who may bite, chew or swallow charms.

Best Healing Crystals for Dogs

Certain crystals can help with common conditions, especially when used as part of a comprehensive holistic health care plan that includes targeted nutrition, herbs and energy medicine like Reiki.

We like to use these healing crystals with the following conditions:

Condition or Illness Healing Crystal
Anxiety, stress Amethyst, black onyx
Joints, arthritis, pain Fluorite, blue apatite, garnet
Fear, aggression Rose quartz, amethyst, black tourmaline
Mistrust, poor bonding, rescue dogs Rhodonite, rose quartz
Lack of confidence, depression and to improve performance and focus of show/agility dogs Citrine
Protection from tense environments or high levels of EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) Black tourmaline, obsidian
Fertility and pregnancy Garnet (remove crystals in the presence of puppies)
Ear infections Celestite
Sore gums, teeth problems Aquamarine, fluorite, amazonite, citrine
Overall health Clear quartz crystal, amethyst, jade
Therapy Dogs (empathy, connection, protection) Jade, rose quartz, black onyx
Aging Carnelian
Transition to Death Clear quartz, amethyst, selenite

How Do I Know Which Crystals Are Best for My Dog?

We find most dogs are delighted to be near clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz and black tourmaline. Certain stages of life and health conditions though, respond best with specific crystals.

A Reiki Practitioner can identify subtle changes in your dog’s chakras that could benefit from energy balancing through Reiki, and crystals (if your practitioner has that knowledge).  Not only does a Reiki session help identify areas that are out of balance, it also directs universal healing energy toward your dog to bring him back into harmony.  And dogs love Reiki!

How Can I Choose a Crystal for My Dog?

How To Choose a Crystal for My Dog?

If you’d prefer to choose crystals on your own, we encourage you to read about some common signs and symptoms that could indicate that a particular chakra is out of harmony. You can also get your dog to choose his own crystal. Dogs have an inherent ability to choose the herbs, foods and crystals that support their healing.  

First, purchase a few common crystals that are associated with each of the major dog chakras, such as:

  • clear quartz
  • amethyst
  • lapis lazuli or turquoise
  • jade
  • rose quartz
  • citrine
  • carnelian
  • garnet
  • black tourmaline or onyx

Secondly, line them up on the floor about 3-6 inches apart and invite your dog to examine them.

Hint: Only do this with dogs that won’t eat, swallow or otherwise chew on crystals. Puppies are usually too curious for this exercise.

Then, simply notice which one(s) your dog shows interest in e.g. sniffs, plays with, paws at or changes his behaviour. Keep these aside.

Notice which one(s) your dog walks away from, stiffens or tenses around. Remove these.

Use your dog’s chosen crystal(s) in a dog charm or roll it in a bandana to place around his neck. Start by placing it on or near your dog (if he allows it) for a few minutes each day, then cleanse the crystal. Notice how he responds. Always give him the option of being away from it for a while – dogs can be exquisitely sensitive to healing energies.

Always respect your dog’s intuition. If he paws at it to remove it, or shows signs of wanting to separate himself from it, respect his innate wisdom. It’s possible it just needs to be cleansed of absorbed unhealthy energy, so try that first.

How to Cleanse a Crystal

Cleansing crystals with water

 We aren’t talking about a bubble bath here. Proper cleansing is about using energy to remove unhelpful frequencies that stone absorbs, and restoring the crystal to its natural healthful state. When you first use crystals with your dog, place it on or near him for only a few minutes per day. Then cleanse it.

Cleanse crystals by putting the crystal in a bowl of salt for 24 hours, making sure to cover it completely with the salt. Alternatively, hold it until running water for a few minutes. If you want to really power it up after that, set it in a windowsill to absorb sunlight and moonlight for a full additional 24 hours. There you have it – good as new.

Healing Crystal Pet Charms

Pet Charm

We absolutely love the idea of using healing crystals in exquisite pet jewelry! Who doesn’t love bling?

Make your own, or order a personalized healing crystal pet charm from Healing Fur Souls.

Made into a charm that attaches to the D-ring on your pet’s collar, these semi-precious gemstones make a simply stunning gift of pet jewelry. They sit at a chakra point between your dog’s throat and chest, radiating beauty and positivity. Although some cats don’t mind a small crystal charm on their pet collars, our kitty friends usually prefer their crystal pendant dangling from a favourite cat house or tree branch where they can approach it whenever they choose to.

Where Can I Get a Pet Charm?

Healing Fur Souls makes unique healing crystal pet charms for dogs. Each are handmade, unique and infused with Reiki energy. Contact us to arrange for a virtual Reiki consultation and recommendations for crystals specific to your dog’s needs. We can recommend particular crystals, or make a unique pet charm just for your dog.

Healing Crystal Gifts for Pet Parents

We know how deep the bond is between Fur Souls and their humans, so we also offer ways for you to deepen that energetic and spiritual connection (and be the coolest fur momma -or papa- around!)

Crystal Pet Charm and Bracelet

Healing crystal gift sets are a stunning and thoughtful gesture for dogs & dog parents too! Give a matching pet charm and bracelet set to new dog parent or to welcome a rescue dog to his furever home.

Healing Crystals for Loss of Pet

A beautiful and heartfelt gesture for an ill or aging dog is our “Transitions” gift set – a pet charm and bracelet with healing crystals to support love, acceptance, a forever bond and a peaceful transition through illness and death. Following euthansia of their beloved pet, our clients continue to cherish the memory of their Fur Soul by placing the crystal pet charm on a necklace.

crystal gift box


Stethoscope Charms

Healing Crystals for Pets

Do you have the coolest vet? Would you like to show them how much they mean to you and your Fur Soul? Consider a unique crystal charm to clip onto their stethoscope. We like to use healing crystals known for knowledge, compassion and health. And we love giving stethoscope charms to our favourite nurses and doctors to appreciate their selfless dedication, compassion and wisdom.

Virtual Reiki Session for You and Your Dog

Book a virtual Reiki session with our Reiki Therapist, and sink into profound relaxation right at home with your Fur Soul at your side. You’ll both receive healing Reiki energy and insights, tips and recommendations.

The Bottom Line

Healing crystals can help to bring your dog’s subtle energies into balance and harmony, especially if used as part of a comprehensive holistic treatment plan. Work with a Reiki Practitioner or follow the instructions above to choose the best crystals for your dog.

Remember to avoid small crystals around dogs/animals (or children) who might swallow them. Respect your dog’s response to crystals, and cleanse them frequently. Try a virtual Reiki session for your dog (and you too) and re-discover the powerful bond between you and your Fur Soul.

Be kind to all beings. Respect the earth we share.

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