A Golden Retriever next to a Tickless Ultrasonic Flea & Tick Repellant. Title reads Tickles: Our real life experience

Tickless Flea & Tick Repellant:
Our Real Life Experience

Our experts reviewed Tickless Ultrasonic Flea & Tick Repellant based on cost, safety, effectiveness, research, water resistance and our dogs’ response. Like 94% of dogs that tested Tickless, our dogs remained tick-free for three seasons – without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides. Use with essential oils and an immune-boosting diet.

After our dog reacted to a common flea and tick drug, we vowed never to use them again. Instead, we researched chemical-free ways to protect him from fleas and ticks. Our research led us to use a whole-foods diet to boost his natural immunity, essential oil sprays to repel insects, plus herbs and homeopaths as needed. These strategies completely prevented fleas and reduced ticks to one or less per year. We continued to look for ways to boost his protection even more, and found it with an ultrasonic device called Tickless. 

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Tickless Ultrasonic Tick and Flea Repellent box

Since we added Tickless to our holistic flea and tick prevention program along with an immune-boosting diet and essential oils, we haven’t seen one tick. 

This is our experience and comprehensive review.  

Chemical Flea & Tick Products Harmed Our Dog

During one highly active tick season, we were pressured into applying a topical pesticide to our dog to prevent fleas and ticks. We knew it was a mistake immediately. His nervous system began reacting to the product with uncontrolled tremors and twitches

Looking back, this was not surprising, as chemical-based flea and tick prevention products are designed to cause neurological damage to insects. They work by flooding your dog’s body with pesticides so that if a bug bites, the toxins in your dog’s blood paralyze and kill it. Toxins! 

After several dogs were injured or killed, some of these products eventually prompted an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) safety warning regarding adverse effects, toxins, labeling and dosing. 

Although we forgave ourselves for giving in to pressure tactics, we decided never to use toxic chemicals and pesticides again on our beautiful fur souls. 

Our Search for Chemical-Free Flea & Tick Repellants

After our experience, we began to search for chemical-free ways to keep our dogs safe from fleas, ticks and associated diseases like Lyme. 

We spoke with Holistic Vets and researched natural solutions for flea and tick control. Our holistic dog care experts then developed a Holistic Flea and Tick Prevention Program that included:

  • Homemade essential oil sprays (our recipes use pest-repelling oils like turmeric, lavender and cedar)
  • An immune-boosting diet (we use a grain-free, raw diet with plenty of vegetables, healthy oils, probiotics and garlic to boost natural immunity)
  • Herbs as needed to support immunity and prevent disease

Although we had great success with this program, we occasionally spotted a tick on our dog (typically less than one per year). When we did, we removed it immediately and gave our dogs a homeopathic remedy (Ledum Palustre) if there was a chance the tick could be carrying the bacteria for Lyme Disease.

Diet, essential oils and post-bite treatments limited ticks to one or less per year, but we continued to look for ways to boost our dog’s protection even more. When we discovered Tickless ultrasonic flea and tick repellants a few years ago, we were excited to try it. Here’s our experience. 

How Does Tickless Ultrasonic Flea and Tick Repellant Work?

2 boxes of Tickless ultrasonic tick and flea repeller. 1 box is black the other is orange

We were intrigued about how ultrasonic technology was used as a flea and tick repellant. We cover more details in another article, but here are the basics:

Sound waves

Small devices worn near the dog emit high frequency sound waves that pulse over a range of about 5 feet (1.5 m). The 40 kHz ultrasonic waves are imperceptible to humans and most pets, but affect pests by interfering with their ability to orient themselves. A disoriented flea or tick has difficulty attaching to or biting a pet, rendering them harmless.


Ultrasonic devices are powered by a small battery that lasts 6-12 months, which easily covers most flea and tick seasons.

Our Experience with Tickless Ultrasonic Flea & Tick Repellent 

We bought the original Tickless brand ultrasonic flea and tick repellant and went right to work to determine whether this could fit into our holistic flea and tick prevention program.


Rating (Out of 5*)


Weight & Size


Lightweight, small; two sizes; great for toy dogs & giant breeds



$40-75 USD; Basic unit is $40 USD; cheaper than chemical pesticides; need to purchase yearly (or get a rechargeable unit)

Safety/Dog’s Response


Safe for all dogs (puppies, pregnant & older dogs), dogs with very acute hearing may notice it briefly; no distress or impact on hearing; design doesn’t catch on brush or long grass

Ease of Use


Simply remove battery tag to activate



Some versions are bio-degradable and rechargeable



94% effective in flea & tick prevention, especially when combined with  immune-boosting diet + essential oils. Not designed as a treatment for infestations. Do not block ultrasonic waves by thick fur or clothing

Durability/Battery/Water Resistance


Battery lasts for full tick season (10-12 months); durable; moisture resistant - not waterproof. Remove before swimming

Research Evidence


2 studies showed 94% effectiveness

How We Tested Tickless

Our family are big campers. That means our dogs run through tall grass, bushes, forests and lakes! They are exposed to some of the most active tick areas in North America for 4-6 months of the year. That’s a test!

Our Criteria

Our holistic dog care experts at Healing Fur Souls used nine criteria to see if the Tickless ultrasonic device would safely boost our dogs’ protection against fleas and ticks:

  1. Weight, size & cost
  2. Safety & eco-friendliness
  3. Ease of use 
  4. Dog’s response to ultrasonic technology
  5. Effectiveness
  6. Durability, water resistance  
  7. Battery life
  8. Research 
  9. Overall Performance: Pros and Cons

We used the original Tickless device for ‘all size animals’ (there is also a mini-size available for small dogs and cats, and a biodegradable eco-line). We attached it to our dog’s collar in late May and kept it on until late October.

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Tickless Ultrasonic Tick and Flea Repellent box

The Results

Based on our criteria, here’s what we found.

1.Weight, Size, Cost


The pendant was lightweight (0.4 oz or 10 g) and small, measuring 1.6 x 0.6 x 1.1 inches (4 x 1.5 x 2.8 cm). It was no heavier than his dog tag. The unit had vents on one side to emit the ultrasonic waves. Because the waves were emitted on one side only, we needed to flip it around occasionally to ensure the waves weren’t impeded by our dog’s fur.

a orange Tickless Ultrasonic Flea & Tick Repellant next to a penny to show its small size


It was the perfect size for our large dogs (100 lb) and would suit medium to giant breeds. Toy breeds and smaller dogs may wish to use the lighter, smaller mini-size version. 


Tickless’ basic unit sells for $40 USD. The mini-version includes a nightlight and sells for $60 USD. Their eco-line and repellents for humans and households vary between $45-70 USD. 

Conventional chemical-based flea and tick products cost $65-150 or more per year, so we actually save money while avoiding toxic chemicals. 

2. Safety & Eco-Friendliness


Research shows that ultrasonic technology is safe for dogs. Forty kHz ultrasounds do not damage or disturb their hearing and no side effects have been reported. We did a deep dive into the research (in another article) and also observed our dog’s response to the device. 

Ecological Impact

Unlike conventional chemical-based flea and tick prevention products, Tickless has no pesticides that accumulate in our soil and groundwater. Biodegradable, compostable and rechargeable versions are available in Tickless’ Eco Product line.

Safe Physical Design

The teardrop design of Tickless has smooth edges and has never got caught up in dense brush or long grass. In three years, we’ve never lost one nor have had one break or cause injury. 


The product is safe for animals and people. In the rare case of pets or people that are allergic to polycarbonate or synthetic rubber, try the biodegradable Eco-line version instead.

3. Ease of Use

The device comes as a single unit with a metal ring you can use to attach to your dog’s collar. To remove it more easily, we recommend using a small carabiner (clip).    

Once the battery tab is pulled out, the unit is activated. Four red light flashes indicated it is working. Simple.

4. Dog’s Response to Ultrasonic Technology

We’d read that the ultrasonic frequency in Tickless is imperceptible to humans and dogs, but we were curious to see if our super sensitive dog would notice.

As soon as we activated the device by pulling out the battery tab, our dog alerted and stared straight ahead. He tracked the device with his eyes for a few seconds, and then ignored it. He’s never paid attention to it since. Even when we offered him the chance to examine it more closely, he wasn’t interested. Year after year we observed a similar reaction where our dog shows a brief, fleeting interest, but no unusual reactions.

We watched carefully, but have never seen any form of distress like head tilting, scratching, whining or backing away from the device.

Tickless uses 40 kHz ultrasonic frequencies. Most dogs can hear frequencies up to 20 kHz, but those with super acute hearing have been noted to perceive sounds as high as 45-67 kHz. 

5. Effectiveness

We’ve had great success with our Holistic Flea & Tick Program (diet and essential oils) and typically find 0-1 ticks per season. By adding Tickless Ultrasonic Flea & Tick Repellent over the past 3 seasons, we’ve not seen one tick on our dog. Here are our observations when using conventional and holistic flea and tick prevention strategies.

Flea & Tick Prevention: Diet, Essential Oils & Tickless Ultrasonic Repellant

Flea & Tick Prevention StrageyAdverse Effects# Ticks Found on DogComments
Topical PesticideImmediate tremors & twitchesN/AOne dose led to neuromuscular side effects. No more doses applied.
Immune-Boosting Whole Foods DietNone1-2 per seasonUse herbs and post-bite homeopath Ledum Pelustre if needed. No Lyme.
Diet + Essential OilsNone0-1 per seasonNo bites or attached ticks.
Diet + Essential Oils + Tickless Ultrasonic RepellantNone0 per seasonNo bites or attached ticks.


Tickless advises that effectiveness may be affected in highly active tick areas or when ultrasonic waves are obstructed e.g. by a vest, harness, clothing or thick fur. Our dog has long, thick fur so we attach our Tickless device to his collar using a small carabiner clip, which allows the device to hang a bit lower so the ultrasound waves are unobstructed. In the past, we attached it to his vest and still found it effective.

Golden Retriever wearing a Tickless Ultrasonic Flea & Tick Repellant

6. Durability & Water Resistance

The Tickless device lasted through each tick season. It did not crack, fade, chip or come undone from the clip. 

Since we have water dogs, we were concerned that the device would be damaged if accidentally submerged in water. Tickless is highly resistant to moisture (IP31) like rain –  but it is not waterproof. Tickless recommends that, if the device gets wet, it should be dried immediately to prevent water damage. 

We (almost) always remove the device before our dogs go swimming. We say “almost”, because we forgot to take it off recently before our dog fully submerged himself (and the device) in the lake for a few seconds. We removed it right away and were pleased that the device continued to work, as evidenced by an intact battery light.  


Ticks can’t swim, but they can survive in water for a few days, especially if attached to your dog. So although it’s unlikely that a tick will attach to your dog while she’s swimming, ticks are commonly found in long grass near the water. Check your dog carefully after swimming and whenever the device has been removed.

Tickless is not waterproof, so remove it before your dog goes swimming.

7. Battery Life

The internal battery lasted the entire tick season. Our dogs wore Tickless for 6-8 months each year (one unit per season). Even after 10 months, the unit was still active. All units that we have used have outlasted tick season.


You cannot turn the unit off, so make sure you wait until you’re ready to use it before activating the battery. Check that the unit is working by pressing the button to confirm that the LED light flashes. 

8. Research: The Nerdy Details

At Healing Fur Souls, we love to nerd out with the science behind holistic dog care. We know that a combination of research and personal experience is the best evidence for pet parents, so we give you both! We dig deeper into the research behind Tickless’ ultrasonic technology in another article, but these are the highlights:

  • 94% of dogs remained tick-free
  • 88% of dogs stayed flea-free
  • Tickless is effective against several species of ticks and fleas
  • Tickless actively repels fleas and ticks, or disables them
  • No adverse effects like hearing loss have been reported
  • Tickless should be used in conjunction with other flea and tick prevention strategies (we use essential oils, an immune-boosting diet and herbs/homeopaths as needed)

9. Does Tickless Work? Overall Performance

We found Tickless ultrasonic flea and tick repellant performed very well and exceeded our expectations! Our dog has remained flea- and tick-free for three years using Tickless along with an immune-boosting diet, insect-repelling essential oils and herbs/homeopaths as needed. 

For us, the only drawbacks of Tickless are: 

  • The device is not waterproof, so it must be removed before swimming 
  • Because our dog has long, thick fur we added a clip so that the device hung a bit lower and ultrasonic waves were not impeded by his fur

Tickless Ultrasound Flea and Tick Repellant Device: Bottom Line

Overall, we were so impressed that we have now added Tickless to Healing Fur Souls’ Holistic Flea and Tick Prevention Program.

Where Do I Get Tickless Ultrasonic Flea & Tick Repellants? 

Because Tickless is now a valuable part of our chemical-free flea and tick prevention, we arranged for a special offer for our readers. Order Tickless online now and save 15% with our coupon code, HEALINGFURSOULS. Your discount applies to your whole order, including the conventional device, Tickless mini, Eco-line and ultrasonic devices for cats, horses, adults, children, babies and hunters.

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Tickless Ultrasonic Tick and Flea Repellent box

Tips for Using Tickless

If you choose to add Tickless to your chemical-free flea and tick prevention routine, here are our top tips for getting the most out of your pet’s ultrasonic device!

  • Use Tickless as part of a holistic flea and tick prevention program. Chemical-free flea and tick solutions are most effective when more than one are used together. Use Tickless in addition to:
    • Homemade essential oil sprays. Our recipes use pest-repelling oils like turmeric, lavender and cedar and are easy to make.
    • An immune-boosting diet. Insects don’t like healthy hosts. We use a grain-free, raw diet with plenty of vegetables, healthy oils, probiotics and garlic.
    • Herbs and homeopaths as needed to support immunity and treat insect bites
A tickless with a dog food bowl of immune-boosting food plus a bottle of essential oils.
  • For dogs with thick or long fur, add a carabiner (clip). A carabiner adds some length to keep the unit working without obstruction. 
  • Remove the unit before swimming. The unit is not waterproof. Use a carabiner (clip) to make it easier to detach for water-loving dogs.
  • Don’t use Tickless within five feet of smaller household pets like hamsters, rats, mice, lizards and rabbits. Small animals may be distressed by the sound and make a noise, run toward or away from it or becomes agitated. 
  • Look for signs your dog may not like the ultrasound. It is highly unlikely that your dog will sense the sound waves, but don’t use the device if you think your dog is distressed. Look for head tilting, running toward or backing away from device, barking, whining or tail tucking, excessive sniffing, curiosity or staring at the device for a prolonged period.

Disclosure: The product discussed in this article was supplied by Tickless for the purposes of this review. While Tickless has provided the product for us to test, all opinions, insights, and evaluations herein are my own, based on personal and unbiased examination of the product. This review does not constitute an endorsement, and the views and opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of Tickless.


What diseases do ticks and fleas carry?

Ticks can carry several types of bacteria and parasites, including the ones that can cause diseases in dogs such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Bartonellosis.

Flea bites can cause miserable itching and skin infections. Fleas can also carry and transmit tapeworms and bacteria to your dog, potentially resulting in diseases like Bartonellosis.

Protect your dog with essential oils, an immune-boosting diet and ultrasonic tick repellants. Use herbs and post-bite homeopaths as needed.  

Can I use Tickless ultrasonic pest repellents alone for flea and tick control?

Studies show Tickless is 94% effective in preventing fleas and ticks on dogs. We suggest optimizing your dog’s chemical-free protection by feeding an immune-boosting diet and using essential oils.

What are the best essential oils to use for flea and tick prevention?

Essential oils are well-researched for their role in repelling pests. Some of the most effective oils include turmeric, cedar, lavender, lemongrass and geranium. Our homemade essential oil spray recipes are easy to make, store and carry.

Dogs have extremely sensitive noses and skin so start with a small amount sprayed on a bandana. Alternatively, spray your hands and gently rub through your dog’s fur, avoiding her nose, eyes, mouth and genitals.

How is Tickless different from other ultrasonic repellant devices?

Unlike other products, Tickless provides transparent research studies that suggest Tickless is 94% effective against ticks and fleas and is a safe, chemical-free prevention strategy.

Can I use Tickless to treat a tick infestation?

Research suggests that you should treat an active infestation before activating Tickless. Although ultrasonic flea and tick repellants can prevent or reduce the number of ticks on your dog, they are more effective at preventing pests from attaching. 

Apply vinegar directly to the tick, using a cotton q-tip. Then carefully remove the tick with a tick key (tool). Activate Tickless to prevent further attachments and infestations.

Can I use Tickless to treat a flea infestation?

Research suggests that you should treat an active flea infestation before activating Tickless. Ultrasonic repellants can help to prevent fleas on your dog, but should not be used to treat an active infestation. Chemical-free treatments like diatomaceous earth are effective and safe (although messy).

How long does TICKLESS last?

The built-in battery consistently endured throughout the entire tick season. Each year, our dogs used Tickless for a span of 6-8 months (requiring one unit per season). Impressively, the device remained functional even beyond 10 months. Every unit we’ve utilized has successfully surpassed the duration of the tick season.

Be kind to all living beings. Respect the earth we share.
Tickless Flea & Tick Repellant: Our Real Life Experience

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