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Best Healing Crystals for Rescue Dogs

Rescue dogs have typically experienced stressful or traumatic conditions that affect them physically, emotionally and spiritually.  In addition to unconditional love, we can help our Fur Souls heal energetically, with the power of crystals. Rhodonite, rose quartz, garnet black tourmaline and black obsidian gently heal dogs most affected by trauma.

Have you Adopted a Rescue Dog?

Congratulations! You and your Fur Soul have found each other!

What a beautiful journey you are on. You are the fur-ever Pet Parent your dog needs. You give him safety, companionship and unconditional love as he joins your family and recovers from stressful times before you adopted him.

Can crystals help him bond, trust, heal and adjust to his new wonderful life? Yes – crystals can be incredibly healing for dogs – and are especially wonderful helping rescue dog adjust to their new happy life!

Crystals can help release past traumas and encourage bonding.

Trauma in Rescue Dogs

Most rescue dogs have endured some type of trauma. It may be an obvious trauma like abuse or exposure to natural disasters, but can include other traumas such as:

  • grief and loss
  • inadequate nutrition or health care
  • lack of stable care or relationships
  • poor breeding practices and separation from litter
  • being around people and animals that are suffering or in ill health
  • being unable to fulfill their spiritual purpose or “soul contract”

What are the Best Crystals for Rescue Dogs?

We have found that the best crystals for rescue dogs are ones that:

  • support their sense of safety
  • open their hearts to accepting love
  • encourage bonding
  • help release the negative energies of early traumas and fear

These are the best crystals and can be used around the house or on pet charms that can be attached to a dog’s collar:



This pink and black stone represents strength and survival and can help heal emotional wounds and a sense of powerlessness. It’s particularly effective at reminding your Fur Soul that he is always surrounded by love – even when you’re not there.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is one of the most powerful heart stones. It help to release emotional pain and negative emotions like fear, aggression, anxiety and grief. It can encourage your rescue dog to accept love and to allow trust to build.

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian

Black obsidian stone transmutes chaos and turmoil to cleanse the energies of dogs that have had a difficult start to life. Obsidian helps to ground dogs that are anxious and distractible so that they may accept the love and safety around them.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

Sometimes we use black tourmaline in the same way as black obsidian. However, black tourmaline is especially good for dogs that still have some chaos or uncertainty around them e.g. those in foster homes with other dogs coming and going, or are still in shelter. Black tourmaline transmutes negative emotions plus helps to protect sensitive dogs from electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) e.g. WI-Fi or electronics. It can also help protect curious dogs that wander or may have fear-based aggression.  



This blood red stone supports the energies of the root chakra that are so often affected in dogs with trauma. Garnet strengthens the survival instinct and helps to erase past patterns and reactions to dangerous situations. It can help heal physical and emotional issues associated with the root chakra, and give strength to dogs who are depressed or fearful. It’s a nice stone to use when gently training your rescue dog to re-shape his behaviours.

How Do I Choose the Best Crystals for My Dog?

Read through the descriptions above, and choose 1-3 stones that resonate with you. Or, better yet – let your dog choose!

healing crystals for dogsSince crystals are pretty inexpensive, you can buy all five of the recommended stones and allow your dog to choose the ones that he needs. Simply place the stones on the floor and notice which one(s) your dog expresses the most interest in. Those are the right ones for him. Always supervise your dog around crystals and don’t allow him to eat them. If you’re worried about him swallowing them, place each stone under a heavy glass. He will still be able to tell you which ones he needs.

Allow your dog to choose his own crystals. He instinctively knows what he needs. 

Where Can I Get Crystals?

Crystals are easy to find. But, to be safe, always ensure they are pure crystals and not plastic or synthetic beads. Check out:

  • your local candle or metaphysical shop
  • a specialized crystal and rock shop
  • online stores

Here are a variety of ideas and types crystals to choose from:

Best Healing Crystals for Rescue DogsBest Healing Crystals for Rescue Dogs


This stone comes as a beautiful pendant that you can attach to your dog’s collar, or hang near a window.

Best Healing Crystals for Rescue DogsBest Healing Crystals for Rescue Dogs

Rose Quartz

This rose quartz comes in the shape of a pyramid that can sit on a table in a room your dog likes spending time in. It is wonderful for meditation or winding down with your favourite puppy after work.

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian

Making your own pet charm? These small polished beads are perfect for beginner crafts because they have holes drilled right in them to use with craft wire or stretch cords. Need some inspiration or want to order a customized charm as part of a virtual consultation? Contact us at Healing Fur Souls.

Best Healing Crystals for Rescue DogsBest Healing Crystals for Rescue Dogs

Black Tourmaline

Crystals come in both raw and polished forms. This particular black tourmaline is in its raw form. It is more delicate than the polished version, but arguably a little more powerful. It’s perfect placed on a table in a room that has lots of electronics, as it also helps neutralize harmful electromagnetic frequencies.

Best Healing Crystals for Rescue DogsBest Healing Crystals for Rescue Dogs


These are tiny polished stones with irregular shapes – perfect for making your own pet charms or bracelets.

Tips For Choosing Crystals

Whether you choose a large crystal in your decor, or use small crystals in a pet charm, here are some tips:

  • Don’t leave small crystals near your dog, as it could be a choking hazard
  • Try a Pet Charm that attaches the crystals right to your dog’s collar.  Make your own or get some inspiration at Healing Fur Souls. 
  • Always allow your dog to choose whether he wants to be near crystals. Their energy may be too strong for him at times. If he seems interested, attach the crystal pet charm to his collar for a while; if not, cleanse and re-charge the crystal – then try again.  
Pet charms
  • Always supervise your dog around crystals. If he’s energetic or a working dog, offer crystal charms during a supervised rest period
  • If you LOVE crystals (like we do), go for a large crystal that you can set on a table or on the floor. They are visually stunning and powerful. Large crystals can be placed in a room that your dog likes going to. This gives him the opportunity to come and go, get the healing he needs from the crystal, and leave whenever he wants
  • Always cleanse and energize new crystals before introducing them to your dog

How Do I Cleanse My Crystals?

As soon as your bring home your new crystal, take the time to cleanse and energize it before you use it. Check out our complete guide to cleansing crystals, or start  with these easy steps:

Cleanse Your Crystal

As soon as your receive your crystals, place them in a bowl of salt for 24 hours to clear and cleanse them from the energies they’ve collected on their journey to you. Remember, they’ve passed through lots of hands and all sorts of emotions before they came to you. Make sure they are fully covered in the salt. After 24 hours, dump the salt in the drain or into the earth (somewhere your dog won’t have access to).

Energize your Crystal

After cleansing, place your crystal in a window with access to the sun and moon. Leave them there for a full day and night to power up with the natural energies of sunlight and moonlight.

If you practice Reiki, or know a Reiki practitioner, infuse the crystal with Reiki energy for an incredible healing boost.

You’re ready to use your crystals! Go through these steps of cleansing and energizing at least once a month – more often if your dog spends a lot of time with the crystals.

Can Crystals Help Me Bond with My Rescue Dog?

Yes. By subtly working with your dog’s energies, crystals such as rose quartz and rhodonite will encourage your dog to be open to feeling our love.

For an extra boost of bonding power, get (or give) the gift of a matching pet charm and bracelet that share the same healing energies. You and your Fur Soul will attune to the same frequencies of the stone, making it a natural way to bond.

crystal gift box

Missy’s Story – Holding Trauma from Early, Unethical Breeding

Missy was a rescue dog that was adopted into a loving family at about age 3.

Her Fur Parents asked us to help with guarding and fear-based aggression.

Missy was repeatedly bred at a very young age. Her most basic needs like food and water were taken care of, but she was used only to produce puppies for her “owners” to sell off at a much too early age.

During our consultation, we noted that the energies in her root chakra were deeply affected.

The root chakra holds survival-based energies such as security and safety, as well as fear and aggression. It is also connected to the physical organs of reproduction and elimination.

Her early life without safety or security was beginning to manifest physically through frequent urinary tract infections and cysts near her genital area.

By using Reiki, we also noted that her heart chakra was carrying grief over the continued removal of her puppies, before she felt they were ready to leave her. She communicated that she wasn’t allowed to fulfill her life purpose as a mother.

She then communicated the image of an orange coloured cat, and her pet parents confirmed that they had recently lost their cat, “Pumpkin” – whom Missy adored and treated as her own “baby”.

Our plan included crystals to balance Missy’s root and heart chakra energies and to allow her to begin healing from trauma and grief.

We used:

  • Garnet to release trauma held in the root chakra and support healing of her lower body
  • Rhodonite to clear emotional wounds and replace fear and aggression with calmness
  • Rose quartz to surround her with unconditional love and to honour her role as a mother

We also continued Reiki sessions to release unhealthy energies and support healing. Her Fur Parents bought her a stuffed cat toy to help her regain her mothering instincts and are considering having Missy pick out a new kitten to raise! They reported that a large cyst resolved within a day after our session, and that she has had no further infections since then.

Read more about how to use healing crystals with dogs here.

Be kind to every living being. Respect the earth we share.

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