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Saying Goodbye to your Dog:
Comforting Your Pet in Their Final Moments

Saying goodbye to your dog is beyond heart-wrenching. We are often at a loss for words on what to say in those final moments. The heartfelt words in these beautiful verses can set a loving intention and raise your pet’s vibration to help her transition into spirit.

Words are powerful and carry energy and emotion. It’s no surprise that prayers and blessings are chosen for their ability to resonate with the dying and lift their spirits into the afterlife. 

When the time has come to help your fur souls to release their physical body through euthanasia, we want to have the words to tell them how much we love them as we carry their fur souls across the Rainbow Bridge.

If you are preparing to transition your pet with euthanasia, please know you are not alone. Our network of spiritually-minded pet parents share your grief and support you through this difficult journey. We are here to help you choose your final words carefully so that your beloved fur soul feels safe, loved and ready to leave her body.

These verses have been lovingly gathered from a variety of spiritual, nature-based, religious and non-denominational sources. Our Animal Reiki Master at Healing Fur Souls has even created verses inspired by the highest vibrations and intentions to help your beloved companion make a peaceful transition. All our verses have been infused with healing Reiki energy and are available as free printable downloads.

Each verse has a different spiritual theme so that you can choose the one(s) you feel completely comfortable with:

  • Simple, Straightforward, Non-religious
  • Christian, St. Francis (Patron Saint of Animals) 
  • Indigenous, Native American, Nature
  • Earthy, Spiritual, Pagan
  • Honoring ancestral guides, Ancient Egypt and Greece, Universe
  • Energy, Reiki, Chakras

Dogs are spiritual beings whose pure souls continue to love and heal the planet in the afterlife.

How Do I Use Poems and Verses During My Dog’s Transition (Euthanasia)?

  • Choose a verse below that resonates with you
  • Speak the words during euthanasia (or ask a family member, friend or vet tech to read them). Remember to breathe frequently and connect with your pet’s pure heart energy to help her feel safe and secure as she passes. Grief energy is heavy and not helpful during euthanasia. The time to welcome grief energy is after your pet makes her transition.
  • Record the verse ahead of time and play it at the time of transition
  • Use peaceful music, crystals and essential oils to raise energies if you wish.

You can also:

  • Use the verse to comfort someone who has lost a pet
  • Use the verse during a memorial or remembrance ceremony
  • Write your favorite words from these verses on a plaque or tombstone

Simple, Straightforward, Non-Religious Verse

We Will Be OK by

Our dear [pet name],

Thank you.
We are grateful for your unconditional love and for all the adventures you shared with us. Thank you for making us laugh, healing our pain and protecting us from danger.

You are not alone.
We are with you today and will hold your paw as you pass. We will be beside you forever in spirit. We will dream about you, share your memories and continue to talk to you as though you were right beside us. You will soon be with the people and animals that have gone before you and will join them in everlasting joy.

You can release your body.
Breathe, my friend and with your final breath, you are safe to release your spirit from the body that has carried you across many fields, forests and lakes, that now is tired and weak. 

We will be OK.
Although we will shed tears and experience the heaviness of grief until we see the sun again, know that we will be ok. Do not grieve for us, for your life has given us the courage and strength to go on with you in our hearts. We will be OK.

Christian, St. Francis (Patron Saint of Animal) Verse

Arms of St. Francis: Author Unknown. Modified by

We are grateful to You, God for creating [pet] and entrusting us with her/his care for a measure of time. 

[Pet] is a wonder of intricate life and has been a precious gift to the planet and all living beings. We now give her/him back to You. 

We ask that St. Francis embrace [pet] with his loving arms and lift her/his spirit to be with You to watch over her/him eternally.

Please now, touch [pet]’s spirit with peace as we return our precious [pet] to you. 

In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.

Indigenous, Native American, Nature Verse

We Return You With Love Modified from unknown author by

O Creator of all things, we pray for the peaceful passing of [pet]. 

We thank you for allowing us to see the signs around us that this creature is ready to depart from our world. We are grateful that our eyes and hearts have been open to these signs, and we trust them.

We ask that you give us the strength to accept the loss of [pet] with grace and gratitude, knowing that our connection with this animal has brought us many gifts. We trust in your promise that all things come from you, and return to you in their time. We are grateful for all we have received, knowing it comes from your hand.

We pray for [pet], who has shared their life with us on Earth, that they may find peace and rest in your arms as they leave this world. May they pass from one life into another without pain or sorrow. Aho.

Earthy, Spiritual, Pagan Verse

A Poem for Your Pet by Monika Weise 

Run the fields of Summerland

And frolic in the sun.

You’ve earned the right of freedom;

Your work on Earth is done.

Tho’ tears for you may fall like rain,

They are tears of joy mixed in with pain.

My love for you will never end.

Enjoy your time in Summerland, my faithful loving friend.

Honoring Ancestral Dog Guides, Ancient Egypt and Greece, Universe Verse

Ancestral Blessings on your Journey by

My dear, sacred and beloved [pet] it is time

To honor your life and the lives of your ancestors as you pass from this world into the next

I thank you for protecting my body, mind and soul in my moments of waking and dreaming

I thank you for your loving heart and kind spirit

I thank you for choosing to share your life with me

Thank you for showing me the signs that you are ready to transition from this world to the next

Thank you for giving me the trust and honor of being with you as you take your final breath

Now, I respectfully ask the guide dogs of souls, Anubis and Cerebus, to escort you safely into the afterlife

I ask you [pet], to take my love and gratitude with you 

I wish you peace and love as you leap into your next journey

I will honor you in the skies through the brightest Dog Star, Sirius

I will be open to signs of your enduring spirit through my dreams and through the rivers, trees and animals of the earth that you loved

I will forever hold you in my heart and soul

Dear, beloved [pet] it is safe to release your beautiful fur soul now

Blessings on your journey.

Energy, Reiki, Chakras Verse

Release and Return to the Universe by

Dear [pet],

Today we honor your spirit and your journey into the pure loving light from whence you came

In this moment we are in awe of your beautiful energy as you return to the universe to continue your job healing our planet and all living beings.

Thank you for opening our minds, hearts and souls so that may accept that you are ready to go. 

You are safe and you are loved. Know that we will be OK. 

My beloved fur soul, it is time.

Notice the crystal white light from above your strong furry head

Smell the breath of nature that you love so much

Hear the songs of angels, saints and ascended masters who have come to lift you 

See your companions who have gone before and await your transition

Feel the loving energy between my palm and your paw 

Release all that holds you here in the physical realm

My dearest [pet], open your heart chakra and feel the powerful love energy raising your body’s vibrations

Feel your spirit body rising up from the tip of your tail, through your legs and up your spine

Look toward the universe to guide your beautiful spirit up through the top of your glorious head and into the magnificent beyond

My beloved [pet], take your final breath in peace, safety and love and release your fur soul into the Light. 

Let it be. Namaste

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