Can Dogs See Spirits

Can Dogs See Spirits?

Dogs are sentient beings deeply connected to the spirit world. Their five senses can predict natural disasters, seizures and sense things imperceptible to humans. Their sixth sense (Third Eye chakra) is highly sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies like those measured in paranormal activity, and may enable dogs to see ghosts.

Dogs Can Sense Unseen Energies

Dogs are exceptionally sensitive to hearing, seeing, smelling and sensing things that are imperceptible to humans. They use their five senses to detect physical disease, predict seizures and natural disasters, and respond to our emotions.

Dogs also have a sixth sense which allows them to interact with the natural vibrations of plants, animals, food, medicine and electromagnetic frequencies. Spiritual experts and Energy Practitioners understand this sixth sense to be located within an energy centre known as the Third Eye chakra. Dogs use all six senses to attune to the unseen energies of nature and the spirit world.

How to Tell If Your Dog Sees Spirits

It may be more accurate to say that dogs “sense” spirits, rather than “seeing” them with their eyes. When dogs sense spirits, they often react with some unusual behaviors.

Signs That Your Dog May Be Sensing Spirits

Your dog may:

  • wander around or demand to go outside at night
  • become restless or agitated in certain areas areas of the home (or times of the day or night)
  • raise their hackles (hair stands on end)
  • whine or cry
  • track something unseen with their eyes (look around a room)
  • suddenly turn or cock their head
  • stare or bark at a particular spot for no apparent reason
  • look up at the ceiling
  • avoid certain areas of the house
dog see spirts

If your dog suddenly displays any of these behaviors – especially following the death of a person or animal in the household – there is a real chance your dog may be sensing their spirit.

After our Rottweiler died, our little terrier developed insomnia and demanded to be outside at night. She would run back and forth along the fence and appeared to be playing. One night she grabbed our Rottweiler’s favorite toy and dropped it off near the fence. After that, she was able to sleep at night again and resumed her normal behavior. We’re sure our Rottie came back to play with her, so we left his toy just where she dropped it.

Other Explanations

Unless we communicate directly with the animal, we can’t simply conclude they are seeing ghosts. There may be other reasons a dog is acting strangely. They may:

  • Hear unfamiliar noises
  • Sense impending bad weather
  • Detect an unusual smell
  • Sense light changes or movement in their peripheral vision
  • Be grieving or depressed
  • Be discomforted by electromagnetic frequencies or low frequency infra-sounds
  • Have an underlying medical issue like dementia

Dogs Can Sense Spirits: The Evidence

Evidence that dogs can sense spirits is found in historical accounts, scientific studies and personal experience. Numerous legends and lore tell stories about dogs helping dying souls into the afterlife. More recently, some branches of science are paying attention to these historical accounts and are exploring the biology behind ghost detection. Perhaps most importantly, pet parents around the world have personal experience and believe their dogs have a connection to the spirit world.

Ancient Lore: Evidence That Dogs Are Ghost Detectors

Several legends tell of dogs’ roles in detecting and helping souls of the dead:

  • In ancient times, dogs held the holy role of psychopomps – beings that escorted souls of the dead to the afterlife.
  • Ancient Egyptian and Greek gods of the dead Anubis and Cerebus, were represented with the head of a dog. When a dog howled at night, it was felt that it was calling a soul to the gods.
  • Irish lore tells us that dogs hear the sounds of spirit hounds that accompany spectres as they fly across the sky, searching for the souls of the dying.
  • The ancient Norse legend tells of Freya, the goddess of death and magic. Freya is said to ride on a chariot pulled by cats. After a battle, the legend suggests that Freya would ride her chariot to the battleground to gather the souls of fallen warriors. Dogs were believed to howl or act strangely when they sensed the approach of Freya and her supernatural felines.

The Science of Sensing Spirits

Scientists, paranormal experts and psychical researchers have historically been at odds when it comes to the phenomena of spirits and paranormal activity. However, there are some common intersections where conventional and psychical sciences are beginning to converge.

Sight: Dogs See Things That Humans Can’t

Can Dogs See Spirits

Dogs have a wider field of peripheral vision than we do and excel at sensing movement, especially in lower lighting conditions. If a dog suddenly alerts to something we can’t see, it is possible he is sensing the movement of shadows or light beyond our periphery and visual spectrum. That doesn’t make it a ghost, but it doesn’t rule out the possibility.

People often report a similar phenomenon, saying that they see a shadow or figure out of the corner of their eye, but when they turn their heads, it disappears. Perhaps this is simply explained by the eye’s distribution of rod cells that more easily perceive peripheral movement in low lighting conditions. But what is that movement? Perhaps it’s a fly, a mouse, dust or a shadow; or perhaps it’s a spirit or shadow figure.

Dogs Can Smell Death

Dogs may express interest in the area where someone has died.

Dogs can be intrigued by the smell of microscopic decomposition of the physical body. Cadaver dogs are trained to use their extraordinary sense of smell to detect evidence of bodies even decades after death. Perhaps a dog’s interest is simply in the familiar scent of a loved one, or in the intriguing remaining smells of a death long ago.

Paranormal investigators and ghost experiencers claim that some apparitions give off a particular scent (like perfume, lavender, food or tobacco smoke) that was associated with that person when they were alive. There are cases where humans detect scents associated with the dead, at the same time dogs alert with unusual behaviors.   

Our hound had an amazing nose! One night we noticed her tracking around the room and whining. At the same time, we got a whiff of cigar smoke although no one was smoking. My grandfather had just passed 3 days ago — he smoked a cigar every night.

Dogs Might Hear Ghosts

It is widely accepted that dogs hear a wide range of sound frequencies that are imperceptible to the human ear. A large area of their brain is dedicated to hearing and their antennae-like ear flaps can pinpoint precisely where the sound is coming from. Dogs can also hear voices at much lower volumes than we can. This makes it quite possible that they can hear spirit voices that humans can’t (until the volume is adjusted).  Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) are low volume spirit voices that humans can only hear upon playback from a digital recorder.

Dogs detect sounds within an extraordinary frequency range of 67 – 45,000 Hz, whereas most people hear best in the range of 1,000-4,000 Hz. Sounds found in nature like the Solfeggio frequencies, are becoming incredibly popular in energy medicine circles to effect positive changes even if they aren’t “heard”. Our Reiki Masters at Healing Fur Souls use sound frequencies along with other healing modalities in our holistic dog care.

Using sound frequencies to soothe, heal and communicate is well documented across several forms of music and sound therapy. It may not be a huge leap to suggest that certain frequencies can also help communication with spirit. Psychic medium and lawyer Mark Anthony has theorized on quantum physics and neuroscience to suggest that an electromagnetic “Afterlife Frequency” exists which allows the living to communicate with the dead .  Perhaps these are frequencies to which dogs are already well attuned. 

The Ghost Frequency

Some dogs act in unusual ways when exposed to a certain frequency. Theoretical physicists suggest that a sense of anxiety, dread and even visual anomalies can be induced when a low frequency infrasound is administered. Known as the “Ghost Frequency”, objects can generate mechanical vibrations when exposed to sounds around 19 Hz (picture an opera singer breaking a wine glass with her voice alone). Although these frequencies cannot be heard by dogs or humans, the vibrations are thought to be sensed in the body as uncomfortable psychic impressions. 

Electromagnetic Frequencies

Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) are emitted by electronic devices like cell phones, Wi-fi routers and computers. Paranormal investigators claim that EMFs spike in the presence of spirits and use specialized equipment to detect EMF fluctuations that may indicate a ghost is near. 

Dogs are highly sensitive to EMFs and can become restless, whiny, nauseous or unable to sleep  in response to high or fluctuating EMFs. Scientists have even implied that a dog’s elimination patterns are influenced by earth’s electromagnetic fields.

Why could a dog be so sensitive to EMFs whether from electronics or spirits? They may not only hear electromagnetic frequencies but also sense them through a powerful gland linked to their sixth sense. 

A Dog’s Third Eye: The Pineal Gland

The pineal gland is a small pine cone-shaped organ deep in the brain, known for its ability to regulate the sleep-wake cycles and the dream state. It releases the sleep hormone melatonin based on the levels of light we perceive through our eyes and controls diurnal rhythms, patterns and behaviors. Most animals carry this powerful gland.

But the “Third Eye Gland” may do more than secrete hormones and regulate a dog’s routine. It may be the very source of their powerful sixth sense.

The pineal gland is considered a doorway to the spirit world.

Ancient physicians such as Galen believed the pineal gland resembled the Eye of Horus and its job was to regulate the soul and guard the gateway into the spirit world.

In many spiritual and healing traditions, the pineal gland is associated with the Third Eye, an energy centre or chakra linked to intuition, telepathy and spirit communication.

Animals rely on the instinctual nature of their pineal gland or Third Eye, often appearing to move in sync or communicate telepathically with each other (think of birds flying in synchronicity or a pack of wild animals hunting prey). At Healing Fur Souls, our Reiki Masters tune into a dog’s Third Eye energies to receive insights about physical health issues, preferred healing modalities and even soul contracts. We also rely on a dog’s pineal gland instincts when it comes to their choices in healing food, herbs and crystals.

Unfortunately, as humans have “evolved” to deny their instincts and reduce psychic abilities (largely through the effects of toxic foods, chemicals and societal pressures), this gland has atrophied and calcified. Now, a dog’s pineal gland is larger than a human’s.

Through the cross-section of conventional and psychical sciences, we are beginning to collect evidence to show that dogs have an extraordinary sixth sense. It truly is probable that they sense spirits through their acute sight, hearing, smell, hyper intuitive pineal glands, EMF sensitivity,  and ability to be in tune with their chakras.

It’s becoming easier to see how dogs use all their senses and energies to detect and communicate with spirits.

Anecdotal Evidence that Dogs See Spirits

At Healing Fur Souls, our Reiki Masters have countless anecdotes of dogs, cats and other animals that continue to communicate with the spirits of those who have passed. They share beautiful messages of love, light and soul contracts between animals and humans. People around the world already know that dogs can see spirits, perhaps science just needs to catch up!

One of our clients was grieving over the death of her spouse.  With no prior knowledge that she’d also just lost one of her dogs, our Reiki Master communicated with her remaining dog Tulip, at her request. Tulip showed beautiful images of a Husky in the arms of an older man, sitting on a garden bench. She also showed images of snowflakes. Our client began to cry, as she’d noticed little Tulip staring at the garden bench for days. After her tears stopped, she confided that she and her children had just gotten snowflake tattoos to honor her late husband. 

Many Pet Parents Believe Their Pets See Ghosts

Twenty-five per cent of dog and cat owners report that their pets have barked or hissed, whined, stared at “nothing” or followed an unseen presence at least two to three times during the past month. All believed their pets were reacting to spirits, including the lingering spirits of recently deceased loved ones.

Interactions with spirits can become mundane for our pets so that we can’t always tell when it’s occurring. In the same way that we get used to stepping outside and seeing children walking to and from school, our pets can get used to sensing spirits.

How Long Does a Soul Linger After Death?

If your dog is showing unusual behaviors following the death of a person or animal in the household, they may be sensing a lingering spirit.

Paranormal and religious experts tell us that the souls or energies of a loved one may remain near the body after their physical death. Near-death experiencers tell us that they have witnessed their own souls leaving their bodies. Countless nurses and hospice workers know the moment a soul leaves the body and report feeling the presence of deceased patients after their death. In hospices or nursing homes with companion animals, staff report that the cats or dogs alert staff to impending death by jumping on a person’s bed, whining or acting in an unusual manner and often remain there for hours after the person’s death.

Early Christians adapted the Egyptian belief that the soul remains near the body for 40 days. Eastern Orthodox, Filipino-Catholicism, Islamic and Pagan traditions incorporate prayers or rituals during the 40-day mourning period to support the soul’s healing, adjustment or judgement.

Psychics who practice psychometry tell us that physical objects like a wrist watch or clothing can retain the energies of souls who have passed.

Perhaps our dogs sense a lingering soul too. If you notice your dog acting strangely following a loved one’s death, consider that they may very well be tuning in the spiritual world.


Why is my dog barking at nothing?

Dogs who appear to bark at “nothing” typically have a reason to alert. Their powerful senses may be reacting to an undetectable sound, intriguing scent or movement in their peripheral vision. Dogs may bark when they are discomforted by an impending storm, electromagnetic frequencies or low frequency infra-sounds around 19 Hz (Ghost Frequency). They may even be sensing a spiritual presence with their Third Eye. Dogs with anxiety, depression, boredom, pain or underlying health conditions may also appear to bark at nothing and should be assessed by a vet.

Can dogs sense negative energy?

Dogs are highly sensitive to all types of energies, including negative energies. Dogs may alert more intensely when they perceive negative energy from dangerous situations, untrustworthy people, those with negative emotions (like fear, anger, guilt, resentment) or a spiritual presence. Watch your dog for signs of fight, flight, freeze or fawning responses that could suggest the presence of a negative entity.

Should you take your dog ghost hunting?

Ghost hunting is a popular pastime for supernatural enthusiasts, but leave your dog at home on the night of your paranormal investigation. She may be able to sense spirits, but unless a dog is trained to detect specific markers of ghost activity like EMF fluctuations, it’s unlikely that she will identify ghosts on command! In high adrenalin situations like ghost hunting, your dog’s unusual behaviors are likely more of a reaction to your own apprehension and fear than to a ghost. If you do take your dog on a Scooby Doo ghost hunt though, say some words of protection and use crystals like black tourmaline or lapis luzuli.

Can crystals help protect my dog from spirits?

Black tourmaline is widely known as a powerful protection stone. It may help to protect and soothe restless dogs who are reacting to spirits or negative energy. Lapis lazuli is another wonderful crystal that can balance and protect a dog’s Third Eye from overwhelming spiritual interference. Place crystals in the home where the dog can approach them safely or purchase a crystal pet pendant. Don’t allow dogs to lick, chew or swallow crystals.

Be kind to all living beings. Respect the earth we share.
Can Dogs See Spirits?

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